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Pickup Kit SC10
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Sprayer sections control panel

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Set of valves for 3 sections
Артикул: FPD360L1-3S
Remote control for 3-section distributors, +valve.
Model:AgroPilot SP3Number of sections:3Solenoid kit:YesSupply voltage:12V DCCapacity l/m:45
Not available
5,765 грн.
Set of valves for 4 sections
Артикул: FPD360L1-4S
Remote control for 4-section distributors, +valve.
Model:AgroPilot SP4Number of sections:4Solenoid kit:YesSupply voltage:12V DCCapacity l/m:60
Not available
6,773 грн.
Set of valves for 5 sections
Артикул: FPD360L1-5S
Remote control for 5-section distributors, +valve.
Model:AgroPilot SP5Number of sections:5Solenoid kit:YesSupply voltage:12V DCCapacity l/m:75
Not available
7,453 грн.
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