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Faucets and valves

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Electric valve section ARAG 863 #8630001H
Артикул: 8630001H
Supply voltage:12V DCCapacity l/m:35Pressure, MPa:40 barOpening/closing time:0,6 sec.Hose adapter:G 1/2"
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Electric metering valve ARAG 863
Артикул: ARAG863
Supply voltage:12V DCCapacity l/m:150Pressure, MPa:40 barOpening/closing time:7 sec.Consumption current, mA:500
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Electric main valve ARAG 871 #8710503
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Solenoid valve 12VDC
Артикул: FPD360L11-DSWA05-1216L
Supply voltage:12V DCCapacity l/m:20The size:DN15 = 1/2"Material:plasticPressure, MPa:0.02-0.8
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Motorized metering crane CWX-15N CR01
Артикул: CWX-CR01
Supply voltage:12V DCThe size:DN15 = 1/2"Material:brassWiring:CR01Pressure, MPa:2
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Motorized crane section CWX-15N CR02
Артикул: CWX-CR02
Number of sections:1Supply voltage:12V DCThe size:DN15 = 1/2"Material:brassWiring:CR02
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Two-pin motorized crane CWX-25S CR01
Артикул: CWX-CR01-151
Supply voltage:12V DCThe size:DN25 = 1"Material:brassWiring:CR01Pressure, MPa:2
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2,960 грн.
Electric distributor 3S-450
Артикул: 3S-450
Impulses 1/l:450Number of sections:3Supply voltage:12V DCCapacity l/m:30The size:DN15 = 1/2"
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3,450 грн.
Electric distributor 4S-450
Артикул: 4S-450
Impulses 1/l:450Number of sections:4Supply voltage:12V DCCapacity l/m:30The size:DN15 = 1/2"
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4,225 грн.
Electric distributor 5S-450
Артикул: 5S-450
Impulses 1/l:450Number of sections:5Supply voltage:12V DCCapacity l/m:30The size:DN15 = 1/2"
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5,000 грн.
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